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1377AM MTR 'The Happening' with Jeff Phillips and Marcie Jones

Network Creative Services piloted a new radio program for 1377AM MTR titled ‘The Happening’ – a breezy talk show featuring experienced entertainers Jeff Phillips and Marcie Jones. Both Jeff and Marcie have extensive backgrounds in television, radio, and stage performing not to mention many valuable celebrity contacts worldwide. Some of ‘The Happening’ segments included:

ARIA report from Dinah Lee with entertainment news from around Australia

• Lost In Space – Demystifying modern technology from iPhones to websites to home theatres

• The Love Line – Searching for that lost love, old school mate, or missed opportunity;

Guest interviews From the showbiz world including performers, promoters, photographers, etc.;

• Did You Know? – Quirky trivia from the world of entertainment: Did you know Chico Marx toured Australia in 1948?

• Dr Rock – Features music, trivia, valuations on rare pop memorabilia, and where are they now?

Live performances from guest artists.