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the art of bradman exhibition

the art of bradman exhibition

Our previous projects showcase some of the expertise Network Creative Services can bring to your campaign. This featured event involved the development and coordination of The Art of Bradman Exhibition at both the domestic and international level.

A collection that chronicles the life and times of cricket’s incomparable batsman Sir Donald Bradman, from his time as a cricketing prodigy in the New South Wales district of Bowral until the moment he stood on top of the cricketing world when scoring a triple century in a day. The fifty-two piece collection is made up by twenty stunning acrylic works on canvas, twenty-six pencil sketches and six charcoal studies. All are unique but it is the acrylics that form the backbone of The Art of Bradman Collection.

Using photographs and film footage the artist has captured all the significant moments in the career of Bradman the batsman and Bradman the captain. As some of those photographs or footage were in varying stages of repair, the artist has given new life to events that took place as long as ninety years ago. Some famed historical Bradman photos have been lost since the artist produced his collection, adding greatly to its overall significance.

Unlike some attempts at capturing the on-field work of Australia’s sporting greats, The Art of Bradman Collection clearly replicates the world’s finest ever batsman in a format that appeals to all ages, as evidenced by public reaction when viewed at the Bradman Museum in Bowral. The artist’s detail is extraordinary, bringing life and freshness to a sporting icon.

Importantly the work received warm approval from Sir Donald who gave his full support throughout production, including his full signature on each acrylic. And just as he once commented that Sachin Tendulkar was the batsman who most reminded him of his own style, he acknowledged The Art of Bradman Collection as being the most faithful reproduction of his likeness.

What has resulted is a collection with two-fold purpose, one of obvious historical value plus an educational tool that takes us further into who Donald George Bradman the cricketer and person was.

The Art Of Bradman Exhibition
1 December 2014 – 15 February 2015
National Wool Museum
26 Moorabool Street
Geelong, Victoria