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The old saying goes that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The story of Marcie Jones fits right into that category. Marcie Jones is an Australian entertainment veteran having performed for over five decades.

The Marcie Jones story is wide and varied. Intertwined in this remarkable tale are some major showbiz identities, Normie Rowe, Johnny O’Keefe, Olivia Newton-John, Dolly Parton, Jack Klugman and soccer superstar Georgie Best. Marcie Jones may not have received the accolades of some of her more recognized peers, but she has remained stoic in her determination to perform, write and be a mother to her two boys.

This book deals with Marcie’s entertainment career, the Australian franchise of Koala Blue, the breakup with Australian ‘King Of Pop’ Normie Rowe, arriving at hospital to give birth with Gerry Marsden (of Merseybeat fame), having her second child born premature, and performing for the Pope! Marcie Jones is an unsung Australian music legend. Her story will give you an intimate insight into the psyche of a true survivor. Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Marcie Jones!

Published by Network Creative Services, Runs In The Blood by Marcie Jones (ISBN 9780958016292) was officially launched by Normie Rowe at the Essendon Social Club on April 21, 2009.