Our current project showcases some of the expertise Network Creative Services can bring to your event. This featured project involves the continued coordination of ComiXpo, Australia’s greatest pop culture toy fair.

ComiXpo 4.0 showcases some of the greatest science fiction and fantasy names in comics, movies, television, and gaming. Their toy fairs highlight the best in pop culture collectables, merchandise, and memorabilia from both industry and fans. ComiXpo 4.0 presents amazing props, costumes, art, and leading fan based cosplay, coupled with new and exciting projects never before seen in Australia. The organisers of ComiXpo come from the same industry as the fans and retailers and they’re keen to keep it old school – so there are no expensive stall hires, no hiked up entry fees, and no second-rate celebrity signings.

ComiXpo 4.0
7 November 2017
Matthew Flinders Hotel