Network Creative Services were proud to coordinate the inaugural ComiXpo, Australia’s most exciting pop culture collectable toy fair. The event attracted over 1000 people with fifty stall holders selling a range of pop culture merchandise. ComiXpo 1.0 showcased some of Victoria’s best sci-fi fan clubs including Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who and attracted a large number of cosplayers all eager to show off their costumed talents in our inaugural lunchtime fashion parade.

ComiXpo 1.0 featured some of the greatest names in science fiction and fantasy comics, movies, television, and gaming. The fair highlighted the best in collectables, merchandise, and memorabilia from both industry and fans. ComiXpo presented amazing props, costumes, art, and leading fan-based cosplay. The event ran from 10am to 5pm on Sunday 28 February 2016, at the Collingwood Town Hall.

ComiXpo 1.0
28 February 2016
Collingwood Town Hall
140 Hoodle Street
Victoria 3067