Ned – The Exhibition

It’s confronting. It’s vivid. It’s alive. The legend of Ned Kelly lives and breathes within the pages of Ned: The Exhibition. Filled with the images of more than two hundred photographs and relics displayed at the Old Melbourne Gaol, this souvenir book is the ideal keepsake from the historic exhibition. Written by the expert on everything Kelly, renowned author and historian Ian Jones, complemented by the photographs of Matthew Deller, Ned: The Exhibition doubles as a compulsory introduction to the legend for novices, and a refreshing addition to those reacquainting themselves with Ned. Never-before-seen relics such as Ned’s belt which was taken from him after his capture, his favourite gun ‘Betty’, the door from the Kelly homestead and a bullet-holed table that survived the gunfight at Glenrowan; original documents including Ned’s Jerilderie Letter and another he wrote as a teenager; previously unpublished photographs of several figures close to the conflict; and, of course, the chilling suits of armour — it’s all here.

Photography by Matthew Deller
Edited by Ben Collins
First published in 2002
ISBN 0958016224
A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Softcover 136 Pages
Published on behalf of the National Trust of Victoria

Ian Jones

Fourth Dimensional Kisses

Fourth Dimensional Kisses is a GLBT time capsule anthology which immortalises a snippet of GLBT life. Within the pages of this book are the footprints of loved ones who stole our kisses and our hearts, the eroticism of the harshest kiss, the longing of a kiss in losing the one you love to HIV/AIDS, and the kiss of hope in science, equality and politics. To caress and understand the future for the global GLBT community, the kisses of today, tomorrow and yesteryear need to be tasted and relished in all their succulent dimensions. The ambitious project for this book was to join all our brothers and sisters from across the world in sharing a part of their lives through poetry or creative writing. United we stand together in hope for a better future for the GLBT world community.

Edited by Al-Antony Moody
First published in 2002
A6 (148mm x 105mm)
Softcover 200 Pages
Published on behalf of Pampered Princess Publishing

GLBT Community

The Nine Pillars Of Cobb & Co.

It was a bone-shattering ride through a harsh outback of Gidgee thorn and dust. Cameleers and horse riders alike shared the certainty of relentless heat during the day, bone-chilling cold nights, with only a few hours sleep to soothe their aching legs and sore bums. Every step, every crack of the whip would be remembered. And that was just the first day. Tracing the nine pillars of the Winton to Boulia Cobb & Co. trek would be an experience few could imagine, and few would forget. Documented with poetry, prose, and breath-taking photography, The Nine Pillars Of Cobb & Co. is a journey of true Australian spirit.

Photography by Evan Morgan
Edited by Bruce Foot
First published in 2002
ISBN 0958016208
A4 (297mm x 210mm)
Hardcover 152 Pages
Published on behalf of ABC Books

Dick Gledhill

2002 Queensland Print Awards – Case Bound Books: Highly Commended

Sensational Cattle Stealing Case – The Harry Redford Story

The Sensational Cattle Stealing Case: The Harry Redford Story is an historical novel, an Australian bush yarn and like all yarns – where are the boundaries between truth and fiction? That is for the reader to decide! The cattle were stolen, as we all know, but the actual duffers had all died when this book was written in 1909!

Edited by Louise Moloney
First published in 2002, reprinted 2009
ISBN 0958016232 (softcover)
ISBN 0958016240 (hardcover)
A4 (297mm x 210mm) 176 Pages
Published on behalf of the Queensland Government

Albert H. Sutton

Ode To My Ruby Red Slippers

In a world gone mad thirteen poets and one songwriter have got together like a witches coven sharing their magic of poetry and alternative writings within the pages of Ode To My Ruby Red Slippers. Become bewitched, entranced and spellbound by their poetically magical works that span the globe. So put down that broomstick! Put your black pussycat on your lap. Kick your heels off and go put your ruby red slippers on, as these writers will show you their dreams, their hopes, their love, their lives and most importantly their craft.

Edited by Al-Antony Moody and Lee Mak
First published in 2003
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Softcover 112 Pages
Published on behalf of Pampered Princess Publishing

GLBT Community

Blood In The Dust – inside the minds of Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne

A provocatively fresh approach to examining the Kelly saga, Blood in the Dust: Inside The Minds Of Ned Kelly And Joe Byrne brings Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne to life in a way that no other book can: from the inside out. Featuring a graphological analysis of the handwriting of Ned Kelly and Joseph Byrne, the book contains three complete psychological studies based on an adult sample of Joe Byrne’s handwriting, and both an adolescent and adult sample of Ned Kelly’s handwriting. The analyses build a complete personality profile of both men, including detailed descriptions of their intellect and mental processes, emotionality, physical attributes, social outreach, and sexuality.

First published in 2004, revised and republished in 2008
ISBN 0958016259
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Softcover 226 Pages

A. N. Baron

Australian Son – the story of Ned Kelly

Originally published in 1948, Australian Son: the story of Ned Kelly was the first modern account of the Kelly outbreak. Works prior to this tended to fall into bias categories either for or against. Max Brown’s book was the work of an open-minded outsider who’d put time and effort into studying the events of the Gang’s lives on the ground, in the caves, the ranges and the rough dwellings – wherever the incidents occurred. Published by Georgian House, Melbourne, 1948; revised edition, Georgian House, 1956; Angus and Robertson Australian Classics, 1980; followed by this final fully revised and edited edition published in 2005 by Network Creative Services.

Edited by Chester Eagle
First published in 2005
ISBN 0958016267
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Softcover 312 Pages

Max Brown

Spitfires Over Malta

Spitfires Over Malta is an incredible true story that gives an insight into mateship, courage, fear and the human spirit. This book lasts as a memory to Virgil Paul, his mates and all the other brave souls who gave their lives for our freedoms. The strength, faith and determination of the Maltese people is an inspiration. World War II was a very up close and personal war for all those involved. There are no long range guided weapons in this story, you saw and faced your foe and had to reflect on the human impact of their lives and death upon your own being.

Edited by Paul Brennan
First published in 2005
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Softcover 116 Pages
Published on behalf of the Brennan Family Trust

P. Brennan & R. Hesselyn

I Was At The Kelly Gang Round-Up

Read for the first time the definitive account of the men, women and children held hostage during the siege of Glenrowan. For more than twenty-four hours, Ned Kelly and his Gang detained over sixty people during their fight for independence. Who were they? Why were they there and what happened afterwards? Their stories have been untold, until now.

Edited by Noeleen Lloyd
First published in 2007
ISBN 9780958016285
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Softcover 224 Pages

Judith Douthie

Far Beyond The Falls

Michael Delaney had answered his country’s call to arms. In June of 1916, like so many other young Australian men, Michael found himself fighting for King and country on a blood soaked battlefield somewhere in France. Little did he know of the events taking place in his home town of Wangaratta. A father’s death, a grandfather’s secret, and an outlaw’s mysterious message from beyond the grave; A message that would ultimately send three young boys on a journey of discovery through the rugged bushland of north eastern Victoria, leaving a brother to carry an agonising guilt that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Far Beyond The Falls is a story about a simple country family who laughed, cried, and through love endured the pain of irreplaceable loss.

Edited by Karen Bernardo
First published in 2008
ISBN 9780980593907
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Softcover 214 pages

A. D. Crichton

Runs in the Blood

The old saying goes that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The story of Marcie Jones fits right into that category. Marcie Jones is an Australian entertainment veteran having performed for over five decades. The Marcie Jones story is wide and varied. Intertwined in this remarkable tale are some major showbiz identities, Normie Rowe, Johnny O’Keefe, Olivia Newton-John, Dolly Parton, Jack Klugman and soccer superstar Georgie Best. Marcie Jones may not have received the accolades of some of her more recognized peers, but she has remained stoic in her determination to perform, write and be a mother to her two boys. Marcie Jones: Runs In The Blood deals with Marcie’s entertainment career, the Australian franchise of Koala Blue, the breakup with Australian ‘King Of Pop’ Normie Rowe, arriving at hospital to give birth with Gerry Marsden (of Merseybeat fame), having her second child born premature, and performing for the Pope! Marcie Jones is an unsung Australian music legend. Her story will give you an intimate insight into the psyche of a true survivor. Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Marcie Jones!

Edited by Chester Eagle
First published in 2008
ISBN 9780958016292
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Softcover 400 Pages

Marcie Jones

Ned Kelly – A Pictorial History

Washed deep with the convict stain, Ned Kelly’s destiny was cast in a defiant mold. The story of his short life was one that saw Ned, his brother Dan and their two mates, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart, take on corrupt police, greedy land barons and an ill-informed government in a crusade to change their world for the better. Wrongly accused, they survived a deadly shoot out with police in 1878 that saw the Gang outlawed with the largest reward ever offered in the British Empire – dead or alive. Over the next eighteen months the Kelly Gang held up two country towns and robbed their banks – without firing a single shot; wrote numerous essays explaining their actions; and became folk heroes to a generation. Their grand plan to derail a special police train, seize the hostages and declare a Republic of North East Victoria came to a fiery end at Glenrowan where they donned their famous but cumbersome armour against an overwhelming police force. Ned Kelly: A Pictorial History explores the legend of Ned Kelly in never-before-seen interactive detail. Readers can now view photographs and documents in high definition and track the pictorial history of Ned in a clear and concise manner. As a bonus this edition also includes the entire collection of Ned Kelly related correspondence from his 1870 letter to Sergeant Babington at age fifteen to his last correspondence to the Marquis of Normanby the day before his execution.

Edited by Chester Eagle
First published in 2012
ISBN 9780958016278 
iPad (1024px x 768px) 
iBook 118 Pages
Available for purchase via iTunes Bookstore

Bradley Webb

Ellen – a woman of spirit

Ellen: a woman of spirit is the extraordinary true story of a woman whose life journey is told in this long awaited book with sympathy, compassion and above all honesty. The reader will become immersed in the trials, tragedies and triumphs of this woman. The love of Ellen’s life is taken from her at an early age; she is faced with the task of bringing up her children on her own.  She will do anything for her children including spending time in gaol for protecting her teenage daughter from the unwanted advances of a police officer. No mother should experience the tragedies and losses that this woman endured throughout her long life; she outlived seven of her twelve children. The strength of the women of the Kelly family becomes clear as the reader shares many previously untold anecdotes of the life of the mother of Australia’s most famous bushranger, Ned Kelly.

Edited by Chester Eagle
First published in 2012
ISBN 9780958016216
ISBN 9780987278005 (eBook)
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Hardcover 248 Pages

Noelene Allen

Australian Son – the story of Ned Kelly

A century and one-third after his death, Ned Kelly’s not forgotten, and it’s hard to believe that Australians will ever forget him. In his own lifetime he passed into folklore, as Max Brown makes clear, so where is he now? This is not an easy question, but wherever he is, Max Brown’s book is part of the answer. When Ned was alive, and police in two states were trying to find him, he was regularly labelled a criminal, murderer, desperado, villain, et cetera. Respectable society condemned him because they had to. We might say they knew no better. The amazing thing about Ned and his gang, though, is that they convinced a great many people that justice might mean injustice, and vice-versa. Ned was hanged in 1880. A lifetime later, with the world recovering from World War 2, Australian Son: the story of Ned Kelly was written. Decades later, Max revised it but didn’t live to see this later version, which keeps the tradition alive. Tradition? Yes. The famous bushranger, from the poorest of poor families, has given rise to a persisting idea that the apparatus of justice may pursue the ends of injustice, and be meted out to those who, by their own sense of what’s right, deserve it least.

Edited by Chester Eagle
First published in 2013
ISBN 9780987278012
ISBN 9780987278029 (eBook)
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Hardcover 312 Pages

Max Brown

The Art Of Bradman

The intention of this book is to present some of Bradman’s cricketing highlights and achievements. It is premised on a very special collection of paintings and drawings by Australian artist, Brian Clinton. Curiously the book is written in the reverse of a normal publication, in that the illustrations preceded the text. The paintings were completed over a six year period and reflect Brian Clinton’s passion to vividly bring back to life some of Bradman’s greatest moments. I have attempted to provide words to these illustrations to give them a greater context and meaning. It is not surprising that Brian tended to illustrate Bradman at a younger age. The 1930 calendar year was when Bradman stormed onto the international stage. It was the height of the media interest in him which provided many original photographs for Brian’s formative work. It is impossible to cover every aspect of his cricketing life. However, we hope that this book does capture the essence of the man and transports you back to the halcyon days known as ‘The Bradman Era’.

Artwork by Brian Clinton
Text by Richard Mulvaney
Republished in 2015
ISBN 9780987278036
288mm x 218mm
Hardcover 240 Pages
Published on behalf of BradmanArt

Brian Clinton

43 from 40 – The story of the Greta-Hansonville Anzacs

Both the men and women of the adjoining Greta-Hansonville districts in northeast Victoria were swift to support the patriotic call to defend King and Country in World War One. Written in two parts, 43 from 40 gives a moving portrait of each of the fifty-six soldiers named on the recreated honour boards at the Greta-Hansonville Hall, unveiled on October 18, 2015. Using the newspapers of the day it also details the heroic daily struggles of those who fervently kept the memory of absent loved ones alive.

The Greta district, purely a farming district of an area of about 40 square miles, has contributed 43 of the best of its manhood to the services of King and Country. This indeed speaks well for the patriotic spirit of the Greta people.

The men of the district rushed to enlist; the first recruit signed up within two weeks of the AIF being formed. The Greta-Hansonville men served in all the major campaigns from the first days at Anzac Cove to the long awaited end in 1918. Many distinguished themselves in battle, some paid the Supreme Sacrifice and others returned to the district to resume life in a world forever changed. Pride in the soldiers and duty towards the war effort was the predominant culture; by the end of 1915 two branches of Red Cross were active and there had been spirited public farewells for recruits, but already it was clear that some people were thinking for themselves. By the time of the second conscription campaign in 1917, there were pockets of dissension even if it was not often officially reported. The authors, both residents of the district, with a long-standing passion for preserving the rich heritage of Greta, have responded to the call of their forbears to record this story. Responsibility now passes to the next generations to honour the memory of the farming families and their soldier sons.

First published in 2017
ISBN 9780987278043
A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Softcover 240 Pages

Ellis and Lloyd