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In 2001, Network Creative Services formed it's boutique publishing division with the aim of delivering quality publications across a select genre spectrum. Network Creative Services is an independent, highly professional publishing house specialising in the production of traditional print, on-demand and ebooks. Our staff are expert in the field of design and print, ensuring our book production service consistently produces material of a superior standard. Our company also offers a limited fee-for-service for authors wishing to self publish their manuscript. For too long, writers who chose this option have had to endure poor workmanship from suppliers eager to sacrifice quality for profit. Here at Network Creative Services our team of expert editors, designers, typographers and printers ensure your publication meets a standard of excellence worthy of the written words within. Our award winning freelance publishing section guarantees an end product to rival any main stream publication.

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Brad Webb holds a Master of Publishing and Editing from Monash University and is currently developing his PhD thesis on Digital Publishing for the University of the Sunshine Coast. Trained as a typographer with over twenty five years industry experience, Brad has worked for a number of institutions including the AFL, Australian Red Cross, and Vision Victoria producing a range of print related services from books and magazines to annual reports. Complementing his industry experience, Brad taught at Townsville's James Cook University's live work studio RossDesign; as a sessional lecturer at Melbourne's RMIT School of Advertising; and currently lectures at Fairfield's NMIT Bachelor of Writing and Publishing.

Chester Eagle took up a teaching appointment in Bairnsdale, in eastern Victoria, after attending Melbourne University. It was there that he came into contact with the writer-extraordinaire Hal Porter, and decided that writing was to be the centre of his life. After a move back to Melbourne he continued teaching, but managed to write as well as work, be a parent, and everything else. Chester Eagle took the state-given opportunity to retire at age fifty-five and was able at last to devote himself to writing full-time. This term is misleading, perhaps, because his habits, well set by now, involve writing after breakfast until mid-morning, by which time the day’s work is done. The rest of the day is given over to looking at the world around him, brooding, a little re-reading, correction and revising, and to music. We managed to lure Chester back out of 'retirement' by waving some pretty expensive bottles of red under his nose. The end results can be seen in his highly successful editing of Max Brown’s classic Australian Son, originally published in 1948. Chester’s many novels, memoirs and librettos can be downloaded for free at Trojan Press.

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